~Taken Girls~

Morgan Osman | Ticking Time-Bomb | FC: Jaslene Gonzalez

Morgan knows how to have all eyes on her and keep them there. But don’t let her cute face fool you, if she has a problem with you she will certainly deal with it. Morgan doesn’t start drama, but she surely does finish it. She may be skinny, but she is not afraid to kick a bitches ass. Her main bitches are Mehgan, Erika, Christina and Camilla. Morgan doesn’t really like Falen, they never got along. Something you Don’t want to do is get on Morgan’s bad side.



Gia Hernandez | Fun Size | FC: Alix Lapri

Gia is a mini chihuahua, that is always open to having fun and trying new things. Gia pretty much gets along with every one  except for Falen who talked about her behind her back. Gia is a party animal and won’t let drama get in her way of having a good time. Even though she is little Gia isn’t scared to get all up in it and tell you how it is. Once Gia is mad there is no turning her back.



Mehgan James | Pretty Boss | FC: Zendaya

Mehgan is easy mistaken for a spoiled brat and under estimated to being  not able to fight. Mehgan at times might be a bit much, but once you get to know them she is THE REALEST! If  Mehgan has something to say she will say it and unlike most girls she backs it up. Mehgan’s best friend’s are Christina, Erika, Morgan, Camilla and Flo . She doesn’t like Falen but wants to someday squash their beef.

Nastasia Townsend | Boss Chick | FC: Breaunna Womack (Babydoll: OMG Girlz)

Nastasia is the boss of the house. She knows how to manipulate people to do her dirty work for her. But don’t be fooled if she wants to deal with you she will. Nastasia is really chill though if you are on her good side. Her best friends and Tiara, Judi and Falen. They all have each others back. Nastasia’s number one pet peeve are when people talk about her behind her back. For the most part Nastasia is like the mother of the house and keeps everyone together.

Christina Salgado | The Firecracker | FC: India Westbrooks

Christina is a feisty person, but once you get to know her she is a sweetheart. Christina is always on defense, but also she is always there for a friend. Christina DOES NOT LIKE FALEN. Not one bit. Christina fought Falen once but, still wants more. When will this firecracker go off?

Erika Jordan (Lucci Vee) | The Beast | FC: Teyanna Taylor

Erika is the beast of the house. Whenever she is mad best believe she will vogue it out all up in your face. If she doesn’t like you she will make it loud and clear. Erika often likes to see people break and the feeling of being able to push people over the edge. Erika is talk and bite so that is what make her boss. She often likes to make songs out of everything and pretty girl bouncing. No one knows why. “We don’t understand?”

Judi Jai | The Instigator | FC: Alexis Jordan

Judi is the instigator of the house. She loves to stir up drama and watch it all while with popcorn in hand. Judi is a party girl and has a kind soul. But some people don’t like Judi because she loves to poke people’s buttons. Judi has a master plan to stir up some drama in the house. Once Judi has a plan in mind no one can stop her.

Tiara Hodge | Fan Favorite | FC: Zonnqiue Pullins (Star: OMG Girlz)

Tiara is the girl that is hard to hate. She gets along with pretty much everyone and doesn’t like to waste her time on ignorance. But when there is a problem in Tiara’s way she will solve it. Even though she laughs a lot and is silly Tiara isn’t afraid to put a bitch in check. Tiara’s best friends are Nastasia and Falen. She is someone you might want to watch out for.

Falen Ghirmai | Shit-Talker | FC: Bahja Rodriquez (Beauty : OMG Girlz)

Falen is the shit talker of the house. She will read you from head to toe and back up again behind your back. A lot of girls in the house don’t like her because of this. Falen’s best friends are Nastasia, Tiara and Judi. Falen fears Christina, since she is such a good fighter. Many people like Falen because of her swag and how she carries herself. Will Falen break and be removed from the house?

Camilla Poindexter | The Bomb Beauty | FC: Jessica Jarrell 

Camilla is the total package. She pretty and real. Camilla is not afraid to get in someone’s face and let you know what’s up. Camilla loves having all eyes on her and she loves when people don’t like her. The more haters the happier Camilla is. She doesn’t really have a lot of girl friends except for Mehgan, Erika and Christina. Everyone else is pretty much cool with her. Camilla doesn’t have any problems, but you never know what to expect with a bad girl.


Gaby , off guard .
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Florina Kaja | Mama Flo | FC: http://totheunitedstatesofcherry.tumblr.com

Flo is like the husband of the house. She will try at least everything once, but once she is mad you don’t want to get in her way. Flo is a bi sexual so she is open for everything. She is really relate able and if there is anything you need to get off your chest you can tell Flo. But if you get on her bad said best believe that she will bring that back up and air your dirty 

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Wilmarie Sena | Caliente Fighter | FC: Absolutealejandro.tumblr.com

Wilmarie is a bad girl. She pretty much gets along with everyone. And isn’t in as much drama. But don’t let that fool when she doesn’t like someone she makes sure no one likes you. Wilmarie is very blunt and tells you how it is. Wilmarie doesn’t like Nikki at all, she fought her twice and is not afraid to fight her again.